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My December 2004 email in which I make some suggestions for Sharad Joshi to better manage the party

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 11:18:55 +1100
From: Sanjeev Sabhlok <>
Subject: Re: [SBP-Exec-support] Re: Executive Digest, Vol 1, Issue 5

Dear Sh. Joseph,

We succeeded in arriving at a political strategy in January this year (see: and I have no problems with
that, nor the subsequent events where the national executive of SBP decided
on 26 January to fully empower Sh.Joshi to form alliances if absolutely
necessary (see: I
must reiterate that I see this year’s alliance as an unavoidable decision
that Sh. Joshi must have had to take, and support him on his decision, but
I cannot see myself part of a group which cannot stand on its own merit in
the eyes of Indians.

All I am stating at the moment is an expectation that as our President, Sh.
Joshi take **all** Indian liberals into confidence including those who
disagree with his decisions, communicate his reasons to them – particularly
when requested, display haste in setting the highest accounting standards
for SBP, and consult with all concerned in preparing the party’s (shadow,
private members’) legislative agenda and in asking questions in Parliament.
That is the only way to grow as a party and to gain credibility as a viable
alternative for the future.

To continue to work as a party (eg. SBP’s web site states that Sh. Ashok
Desai is a member of the national executive – at, without appropriate
communication and interaction with its members – and supporters, is likely
to be misunderstood widely. That is my concern. I hope better communication
will get us to where we all want to go.


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