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Climate hysteria is harming India’s poor – a placeholder

A researcher was telling me about billions of dollars in subsidies provided to renewable energy companies in India. I don’t have the precise data, but this amounts to a direct transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. That money could have been used to fund education and health for the poor but has gone into the pockets of the wealthy lobbyists. Al Gore is now apparently well on the way to becoming a renewable energy billionaire, at least some of it directly from Indian taxpayers and the poor.


IEA attached from Feb this year on VALCOE which shows that adding too much renewable will increase the cost

The main argument is summarized in June article this year. More detail in the Mark Mills paper from March this year


Indian government approves $6.48bn for rooftop and farmland solar

This scheme is adirect transfer of wealth from poor ( who pay taxes, even if a small quantity) to the rich. Only the rich can afford homes on which solar can be installed, or large farms that need large water pumps.


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