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The key lesson from ice-core climate data is that CO2 DOES NOT HEAT THE EARTH

The biggest finding from the data (see video) is that Earth’s rotation (wobble) around the sun is extraordinarily powerful.

  1. Like any other thermal body, the Earth is PERPETUALLY cooling down.
  2. Its wobble around the sun causes it to heat up with regularity
  3. CO2 increases in proportion to the increase in temperature (the correlation is almost perfect, with a lag of a few hundred years)
  4. As CO2 increases, the Earth DOES NOT WARM UP FURTHER. There is ABSOLUTELY no effect on further increases in temperature by increases in CO2
  5. Instead, after the wobble has ebbed, the Earth gets back to cooling. There is ABSOLUTELY no run-away effect.




This video is spurious since the MAIN cause of warming is the increased solar influx from changes in the earth’s orbit. That warms up the Earth, leading to increases in CO2. The alleged secondary warming from CO2 is rather insignificant since there has never been any runaway warming due to CO2 increase. There have also been 10 times higher levels of CO2 in the past without any runaway effects. The science, unfortunately, is not on the side of the hysterical alarmists.


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