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Minimum and maximum (or rather, optimal) level of CO2 for plant growth


Don’t let anyone tell you that CO2 is a pollutant! This picture is from peer reviewed article:
Check it out for yourself. This picture is worth a 1000 words.
1500 ppm is the OPTIMAL CO2 level for commercial greenhouses. That’s what we ought to aim for, unless it is proven that that level can cause other harm.
” You can also use a CO2 test kit to dial in your system so that 1500ppm level is maintained. As your plants grow and the garden changes, retesting your CO2 levels monthly can help you tweak your system to maintain optimum levels.” [Source]


These two pictures PROVE WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY OR DOUBT that (1) plants were designed to thrive at 1200-1500 ppm, and that (2) the Earth DID NOT BURN UP at 1500 ppm or more of CO2.

The “CO2 scare” is the biggest pile of bogus nonsense.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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