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Know thy enemy: a list of recent anti-GM posts by activists and confused journalists

I have been neglecting to read and keep track of these anti-GM people. I should, if only to get a big laugh. A few of the ones that I’ve chanced upon:


ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – Colin Todhunter 15 June 2019, Kashmir Times

Save Akola farmers – Indra Shekhar Singh, The Pioneer, 29 June 2019

‘Multinational companies aim to control world through seeds’ – Hardeep Singh Bedi, 3 July 2019, One India

From the Green Revolution to GMOs: Toxic Agriculture Is the Problem Not the Solution – Colin Todhunter, 5 July 2019, Sabrang

+ the two posts Kavitha wrote in TOI blogs.

Food safety concerns – Sandhya Jain, 9 July 2019 The Pioneer

  • comment on Jain’s article: There is not one scientific peer reviewed source in this piece. It quotes Seralini, who had to retract his fabricated rat study and is not a credible scientist. There is so much misinformation here. In the case of oil and sugar, the process of refining eliminates genetic material so there is actually no detectable genetic material in oil. The science in GMOs is proven and tested and growing number of countries are adopting it including Bangladesh and soon Pakistan.


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