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Israel Folau is an HONEST religious man, like the “Islamists” and practitioners of untouchability

Christian “leaders” (what is that??) have apparently said that Folau is not representative of Christianity.

My comment:

The general rule seems to be that anyone who directly quotes from the religious scripture is an “extremist”/ Islamist/ terrorist.

Pretty malleable, these “religions”. In my view those who reject ANY verse in their religious scripture are imposters. You’ve got to represent the entire religion, whether for good or for bad. And then you’ll realise that you actually represent a truly immoral system.

Likewise I can’t be a Hindu without also accepting responsibility for untouchability and other heinous crimes of Hinduism. So I quit that “religion”.

The only honest way out is to REJECT all religion.

Religion is basically the worst form of hate speech and immorality one can imagine.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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