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Decoding the Weather Machine. Sorry, CO2 increases always came AFTER temperature increase.

I chanced upon this documentary today on Netflix. There’s a LOT of junk that purports to go around spreading panic regarding CO2. This was one of them. I saw for a bit and decided to not just stop watching but to post this article in contempt of the shoddy science that is being presented. That shoddy science may work for some gullible fools. Doesn’t work for critical thinkers.

The claim made in the documentary is that CO2 started rising on its own randomly and THEN temperatures followed. That is so massively stupid that one wonders who made this documentary.

Then I saw another one on youtube, CO2 in the Ice Core Record, which made the same claim but then towards the end agreed that CO2 actually came AFTER the temperature increase.

Finally, this 2012 article finally clarifies that CO2 DOES follow the rise in temperature.

But while carbon dioxide pushed temperatures up to accelerate the ice age’s end, that was not the initial cause. Instead, the big melt was first prompted by a periodic wobble in the Earth’s axis, the scientists said.

At some points in the wobble, the Northern Hemisphere leans slightly closer to the sun and this occurred at the beginning of the end of the Pleistocene, when ice sheets covered much of what is now North America and Europe.

That slight sun-ward tilt melted those northern ice sheets within a few hundred years, pushing global sea levels up by about 33 feet, or by more than the total melting of the ice covering Greenland now would do, said co-author Peter Clark of Oregon State University.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for CO2 to start increasing on its own without a cause. So the Earth’s orbit changes first, then temperature increases, oceans melt and THEN CO2 increases.

I’ve made this short video on this topic.

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