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RSS has changed its previous extreme position regarding Muslims being second class citizens

I shared my TOI post on RSS with a few RSS leaders. One of them wrote back: “First RSS never advocated that India should be Hindu only country. In this connection I shall request you to go through the question answers sessions given by PP Mohan Bhagwat ji in September 2018 at vigyan bhavan – RSS Conclave, Vigyan Bhawan”

I had in mind Golwalkar’s sayings such as this which make clear that he wanted Muslims to be second class citizens of India.

Anyway, I scrolled through the video and find that from around 48 minutes, there is indeed a change in mind by RSS on the Golwalkar issue.

In particular, Bhagwat is saying that RSS has changed. It is not copying Golwalkar entirely and that the kinds of thoughts I’m citing are no longer part of RSS’s approach.

There are other things (e.g. Gauraksha) on which I strongly disagree with Bhagwat, but I’m happy to note that RSS is an actually evolving organisation. That means the changes I’ve suggested might ultimately get incorporated in some way – thereby helping India.

At the moment I feel that RSS has taken India back to the medieval era. We do not want the kind of backward India that RSS wants. We want a far superior India.

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