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Compendium of my published articles

I’ve decided (for my own convenience and reference) to bring together all my published articles (not books/manuscripts) since 1980 into a single “book”. This task is pretty daunting, but hopefully I’ll find time to complete it in the coming months.As a first step, I’ve managed to compile my TOI writings since 2007.

DOWNLOAD WORD VERSION HERE. (Select file>save as> download a copy)

My TOI articles and blog postsare intended to form the basis for pamphlets for Swarna Bharat Party on a wide range of topics. I’ll try to produce around 50 short pamphlets (around 1000 words each) during 2019-20 and hopefully all these can get translated into around 10 major Indian languages in the coming years.

I need to first add to my compendium my Freedom First writings, from The Wire, News18, Caravan, Maharashtra Herald, Sentinel, etc. – but don’t have time today for that. Each time I update this compendium I’ll issue a tweet.


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