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Avi Dandiya’s video is either an act of extreme gullibility or well-considered treason against the Indian state

I will not add notes to my initial post on Avi Dandiya (here). That post records that I called out his hoax “video” yesterday, the moment I looked through it. After that I spent 30 minutes to investigate this man and make that blog post.

Today I want to add the following: This article on Altnews.inDangerous, manufactured audio clip used to claim Pulwama terror attack an inside job by BJP

This article comprehensively demolishes the Avi Dandiya “video” as a fake. I’m keeping a screenshot of this article here for future reference.

Not only is the article very clear, this comes from a very credible source: Pratik Sinha. Although Pratik is a leftie with inclinations for AAP, he (and more particularly his father Mukul Sinha) has been the most objectively anti-Modi man one can think of. His news outlet publishes well researched information that one can rely upon, of course subject to further confirmation.

ADDENDUM 4 March 2019: This youtube video analyses this FAKE VIDEO very well.

FURTHER, this one combines the original TV interview of Rajnath Singh with the doctored audio to show how exactly Avi Dandiya created this fake video:



Well, Avi Dandiya has clearly been publicising a DOCTORED video. Either (1) he has doctored this himself or (2) got it done through someone, or (3) got it from someone and published it in a fit of extreme gullibility.

Either way, his reputation is MUD. He is at a minimum a major fool, but at worst he is an enemy of India.

This video amounts to an act of treason, if ever there was one. This is a malicious video, designed to confuse millions of people (and indeed it has already been viewed two million times on Facebook – screenshot here) – many of whom would be now thinking that India’s central government has deliberately killed the country’s own soldiers for political gain.

No matter what happens next, the one who made this video (the audio) MUST be found and tried for treason.

Btw, Youtube has since removed the video that I had linked to yesterday. It can be found here on my server, in case it is ever removed by FB or by Youtube. Such extreme evidence of treason can’t be eliminated from the internet.


My answer on Quora:


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2 thoughts on “Avi Dandiya’s video is either an act of extreme gullibility or well-considered treason against the Indian state
  1. Resh Dhar

    i’ve watched most of Avinash Dandia’s videos. He always seem a man of integrity and value. He cares for India and Indian citizens. He has fears for the social destruction and deteriorating social fiber and national economy of india due to religious extremism and social injustice. He thinks the unfair stakeholdership of religions and the overfranchization of anciant nativity may through india back to pagan ages. He is a peace loving soul and a staunch supporter of developed india. He is a firce advocate of human development and progress indiscriminately. He also is of the opinion that Jammu Kashmir is also an important nation and separate country to be in the region and that india, pakistan and China must dithdraw their troops of occupation from all taken territories of Kashmiris. Avi Dandia is an American indian. He is a real loving soul who speaks the truth and fears none.


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