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Avi Dandiya is not backing out from his fake video. He must be brought to book for this criminal act.

Avi Dandiya has apparently come out with three claims:

  1. Firstly, Why we need to believe these web portals, who are run by funds. May be they could have taken money to dis-agree with me (Avi Dandiya). He also mentioned about some workers in Wire media who are taking money to create any program in their portal.

  2. Secondly, he highlighted on the point that how anyone, who speaks something, is not going to repeat it again! He gave an example of Jai Sri Ram, here people are repeating the same thing again and again, so how it is not possible!

  3. Thirdly, he mentioned that earlier also, he has exposed so many incidents in India like of Patanjali, EVM hacks etc. He questioned that why no one ever challenged on these ever. He claimed that if no one questioned him about these videos, that means all these are true, EVM was hacked in 2014 elections.

The fact that he is insisting that this is an original audio is very strong proof of his direct complicity in making it. This is no ordinary video and it is not protected by free speech laws. It is a direct attempt to gloss over Pakistan’s complicity on attacks on Indian soldiers and to point the blame at the Indian government, instead. This must not be tolerated.


The police have lodged an FIR against him:

Video blogger booked over fake audio clip on Pulwama attack

Forgery case against video blogger who made fake clip

Pulwama attack: FIR against man for posting fake audio clip

Delhi Police books man for malicious FB live on Pulwama

This portal says an arrest has been made, but there’s no evidence of any arrest so far:

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