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I regret that Balaji Viswanathan (of Bangalore) is not a liberal. Cf. his attack on Naseeruddin Shah

Balaji Viswanathan is royalty on Quora with over 300 million views of his answers. Of course, he is also prolific on Quora, responding to over 4000 answers. My 240 (generally very quick, without much editing) answers are like “dabbling” in comparison.

Balaji came over with his father in August 2016 to meet me in Bangalore at my invitation. I had assumed that he supports liberalism, given his pro-market comments in a few cases.

It is with regret that I note that he is not a liberal.

In a recent answer he has attacked Naseeruddin Shah as a “Desh Drohi”. I do not agree with such terminology for people who are expressing concerns about the atmosphere of communalism that Modi and RSS has created. Naseeruddin Shah has genuine reasons to be concerned about the status of Muslims in India.

And even bigger tragedy is that 25,000 people have “upvoted” this answer.

Here is the offending answer (screenshot):




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