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Anand Prasad’s “Liberal Party of India” is socialism on steroids – and a bunch of loonies, I’m afraid

I attended an event in Gurgaon on 13 February in which Suman Malhotra and Plaban Bhattacharjee of the so-called “Liberal Party of India” attended prior to the main event and provided me with a document containing their views.

I realised later that this is the same obnoxious “Liberal Party” that Anand Prasad is involved with and which I’ve thoroughly critiqued here and here.

It appeared to me for a while that these two were listening carefully and might actually be capable of understanding what I was trying to say, but very soon it became clear that this was not the case. They insisted on making me hear their ridiculous “proposals” that I’ve discussed below. LPI’s new approach is EVEN WORSE to what Anand Prasad had produced – and it is hard to beat that rubbish. Worse, this man Plaban was absolutely unwilling to even listen to my reasons for rejecting ALL his ideas. I’ve outlined these reasons below, but I doubt he will understand them.

LPI’s ideas are entirely illiberal. In fact, these people are socialists on steroids. It is extremely painful exercise for me to spend my time on this rebuttal of LPI’s “proposals”, but I must, so the public record is clear about the gross incompetence of this “liberal party” outfit. Stay away from them if you want to maintain your sanity.



A press conference was held at the party headquarters on 09.01 2019. On the occasion  Ms. Suman Malhotra, National President, declared a brief about the formation and vision of the party covering important aspects of the governance.

Primarily Liberal Party of India has been formed to transform the existing national political character. It will work for restoration of the lost dignity and respect of citizens. [Sanjeev: Respect is hardly the issue. The issue is liberty.]

It was felt imperative because we have n-number of rules and laws but only selective  enforcement and implementation are resorted to. This happens because the political system is not answerable to public as was enshrined in the constitution.

The main cause of this precarious situation is faulty election process being followed till date. [Sanjeev: This might seem promising but look at their solution and you can work out how puerile this party’s ideas are]

Therefore, to conduct corruption-free and fair elections, Liberal Party of India envisages

  1. Casting of vote compulsory for each citizen. [Compulsory voting is the least of India’s problems. This “remedy” displays no understanding of the dysfuntion of the electoral system]

2. Cast vote through mobile phones. [Absurd. When the basic causes are not resolved, why create further complexity and confusion? Even in Australia, people go physically to vote. There is nothing wrong with physically showing your face to vote. At the least no one will be able to vote on behalf of dead people.]

3. The candidate after being elected as an MP, has to relinquish membership of the party. He now becomes the member of the Parliament and has to work for the country and not for the party. [Sanjeev: This is even more crazy. There is such a severe difference between a liberal and socialist party – how can this be glossed over?]

4. The President, PM, CJI, CEC, RBI Governor, CAG, CVC, and candidates for all other statutory positions are to be directly elected by the public. They will be answerable to public, not to politicians. [Sanjeev: This is berserk. There is definitely some role for Parliament in selecting judges, but this approach is inconsistent with the Westminster system. More problematically, it does not address any problem. A puerile proposal.]

5. The priorities will be

a Health

b Education

c .Employment

For Health….all hospitals will be standardized. No Govt. and private hospitals will be there. [What!!?All hospitals will be offering same standard of service. [Sanjeev: This is absurd nonsense What is the meaning of standardisation? And what is the business of government, the servant of the people, in such a matter? Let the government focus on security and justice, that’s all]

For Education……. all schools will be standardised. All schools will be of same standard. [The less said the better about this. Why should government – our servant – get involved in “standards” for schools?]

For Employment…..:all educated people will be employed on the basis of their skill. No rejection will be there. The employers will be directed to engage all educated citizen. [Oh god!! And these are allegedly liberals?]

The political parties after independence, adopted the same work culture which was carried out by the British. They treated the country as military state. We treat the nation as a Welfare state and all our policies will be for the welfare of people. “Divide and Rule” policy will be replaced by “Unite and Enjoy” policy. [Is it even possible to talk more nonsense and yet claim to be “liberal”?]

To change the mind set created by the political parties during the last 71 years will be the most challenging situation for us. The people have been subjected to a ‘Trader’s policy’ in the name of Governance. [Sanjeev: What? Socialism is now called “trader’s policy?” Did these people even get basic education?] The propriety and priority were misplaced. Industrialists were considered most important as they funded the election expenses for the parties. The food producers were kept as slaves by Govt. to take advantage of business houses.

Liberal Party of India is prepared to replace the oppressive priorities. Our policy will be to restructure the society in the following five layers. [Sanjeev: These people will ACTIVELY “STRUCTURE” SOCIETY!! And they are “liberals”???!!! They never heard about freedom and choice, did they?]

a Agriculture

b Teaching

c Security and Health

d Service

e Politics

a Agriculture will be declared as an industry. The Kisan will be named as Agriculture Scientist and all others working with him will be designated as Agriculture Engineers. The agricultural income will come under industry category. Govt. will be the JV partner and will be responsible for providing finance. [Sanjeev: So now anyone and everyone can become a scientist or engineer, and employed/paid by government? Socialism on steroids. I don’t know where to start.]

b Teachers will come next as they will train and skill the youth. They need food so they are placed next to agriculture [What! Are these people in the “liberal party” IDIOTS on steroids!]

c Soldiers and Doctors. These two categories are needed to protect all. They need food and teaching, so come in third place. [What!!!!!]

d Service people, Govt. and Private. This category is dependent on the first three categories, so come in at fourth place

e Politicians come next as they need the support of first four categories and are assigned to serve all of them and themselves.  [Too much to take – let me move on]

This policy is for the welfare of every citizen. Once in place, this policy will revolutionize the thought process of the public and replace the age old mind-set.

By strictly enforcing the existing Service Conduct Rules among the bureaucrats, police and judiciary, the proposed system will be in place. Now they will be answerable to public and not ministers. [Sanjeev: What? So the existing system is fine? Are these guys lunatics? Why do I even bother to write this post? Anand Prasad’s puerile nonsense was bad. This is beyond redemption. Spare me!]

Tax structure reform

The multiple tax liability will be done away with. The revenue will be generated from composite tax structure. [How is “composite” different from “multiple”?] Income tax will be replaced by Security Tax. [Sanjeev: What is this? Never heard of it in my life] Social facilities will be provided against the tax paid. All have to share the financial burdens. All will pay tax. Similarly the Govt. services will be made available to all. [This is the extent of their “tax policy”? Are these people even educated?]

Policies for Social and Cultural perspective.

The social perspective will be based on cultural priorities. The entertainment programmes will connect all irrespective of any other parameter. [What are these people trying to say? Try getting basic education in English, first. And what is the role of government in entertainment?]

Reservation system.

In a country structured on the principles of Cooperation and Coexistence, the concept of reservation will be wiped out. When all will be enjoying the resources through sharing, nothing will need to be reserved. [An extremist communist group, this]

Eligibility criteria of the elected representatives.

It is most important. The education system will be modified.  After +2 stage

all students have to work in Agriculture Sector for one year and then in Defense Sector for another year before joining college.

An aspiring candidate must have a PhD in any subject and an experience of 5 years of professional service. So minimum age for a candidate for elected position will be 35 years. [Sanjeev: Every Indian citizen must have FULL RIGHTS to contest and be a representative. This idea of “qualification is anti-democratic in addition to being puerile. This I know that millions of illiterate farmers are far more competent and sensible than these people.]

Supported by the public it may take about 5 years to set things in order.

We trust the people to come to power…….



NEW DELHI …………110016.

This tweet I put out a couple of days ago applies perfectly to this loonie bin called LPI

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