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My next TOI blog post: Our party’s views on the Raghuram Rajan economic strategy


And my email to the economists:


Dear fellow economists and friends

Thanks for your efforts to help reform India. I’ve had a close look at your views and provided a summary position here on 22 December:

Would appreciate your close examination of SBP’s manifesto (and indeed, my book Breaking Free of Nehru – particularly its chapters 4 and 5). Also, I’ve written around 25 articles either as op-eds or blog posts in TOI over the years which summarise many of the points I’ve raised in my 22 December article. I’d be keen to get your direct involvement in India’s only party for liberty.

Also, in this regard, I’d like to share a book on economics that I’ve written for children ( Vernon Smith, 2002 Nobelist, considers it to be a “great” book. We are experimenting with this book in a school in Guwahati, Assam. We need to dramatically improve the level of economics education in India.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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