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Suggestions sought on how to get Ramji Mishra’s children to improve their English

I’m delighted that that Renu, Ramji Mishra‘s daughter, is engaging with me on Whatsapp – I feel I must provide her and her siblings essential support for their future.

So I asked her to tell me about herself and family. This is what she wrote, and my response in return.

Now this is a big deal. It is clear that Renu has gone through a totally broken system where there has been not the slightest education in English. But without English she is destined to rot at the bottom of the pyramid – apart from the fact that higher education opportunities are entirely blocked off for her.

Is there any way I can get these children to improve their English?

Is there some online system that I can connect their family to? Any youtube videos that are useful?

Since I don’t take any comments on my blog any longer could you please write to me at


And no! don’t tell me that they ought to go to a private school. Their father was killed by the police. They don’t even have money to survive. So the solution must be FREE.

Here is a perfect storm. First the government of India KILLS the father of these children. Then doesn’t compensate the family.

And the socialist education system of India has taught them nothing. That way the children are doomed.

Can someone help? And no, it can’t be government. The people of India must step forward.


I’ve given homework to Renu:

Renu, can you start by writing an essay in Hindi about what you and your family have gone through over the past few months? Take a photo of the essay on a smartphone (get one from Rabi if you don’t have one), and send it to me. I’ll publish it on my blog.

Thereafter your project will be to write it in English. We’ll keep working on it till you get a good essay in English.

Also told Rabi:

I’ve given the above home work to Renu. Rabi, please follow up with her so she does write an essay in Hindi. We’ll get the children to learn language by expressing their own life and experience. We must make them into successful Indians and also into leaders. That’s your job, Rabi. Please involve the whole Bhadohi team in this project. These children are now SBP’s children. We will get them to succeed.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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