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Clear proof that the nasty “Professor” Rajiv Malhotra doesn’t own copyright to the Nithyananda video

Following my blog post here, I’ve been sent a link to the original full video which is on Nithyananda Youtube channel!

The extract that I had found on the internet and posted on my channel is from roughly 2 hours 7 minutes 50 seconds (7670 seconds) onwards up to 2 hours 13 minutes 45 seconds (8025 seconds).

So now you can see the Clown “Professor” Rajiv Malhotra with his clown “guru” Nithyananda on Nithyananda’s own youtube site. Click below to get the relevant section:

So obviously, the copyright claim made by Rajiv Malhotra is FALSE. The video is copyright by Nityananda (indeed, the original video starts with a copyright notice to that effect).

Two things about Nithyananda:

  1. First, why has Rajiv Malhotra not issued a copyright violation notice to Nithayanda if his Infinity Foundation owns the copyright? Go ahead Rajiv, get this original video out from the Nithayanda’s youtube channel if you dare. Your stupidity is permanently available for posterity on that channel.
  2. Ssecond, as far as I know, Nithyananda doesn’t bother about his videos being used as part of comedy, e.g: this one which has received 1.5 million hits and Nithyananda is mocked (as he rightly should).

So in addition to all the stupid things this man Rajiv Malhotra has done, he has now committed a FRAUD – by fraudulently claiming that he owns copyright to this video.

I once again challenge him to prove that he or his Infinity Foundation owns copyright to this Nityananda video.

Moreover, the video that I had found on the internet is merely a short snippet of the much longer video – which suggests that fair use would apply – even if Nityananda were to make a claim. More so since Malhotra is now a public figure (a “professor”) and subject to much greater scrutiny in the public interest than he was before.

The version I had posted was a mere 3 MB and 2 minutes odd, optimised for Whatsapp. Clearly someone has been sharing this video widely across Whatsapp for a couple of years – the video was uploaded in December 2016. I did find the version on my computer and is available here.


Now the MaximBady is taking Rajiv Malhotra to the cleaners.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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