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Why I vigorously oppose Deepak Lal and Jagadish Bhagawati

Economist Richard Ebeling posted a photo with Deepak Lal at a recent meeting of the Mont Pelerin society.

My comment on FB.

I appreciate the limitations of time which make it hard to follow what’s happening around the world, but Modi represents a hardcore fascist ideology. Let me summarise key issues briefly.

His group (called RSS) takes direct inspiration from Mussolini and Hitler, and glorifies Hitler even today. A member of his group killed the famous Indian, Mahatma Gandhi. Modi has personally supervised the killing of hundreds of innocents as head of the state of Gujarat. In his regime as PM of India, Modi’s followers are busy lynching people in the name of beef.

His group is also an arch-socialist group, with full commitment to continue the policies of predecessor socialist governments of India. Socialist has wiped out India’s potential and continues to impoverish hundreds of millions in India.

I held Deepak Lal and Jagdish Bhagwati in high esteem till they starting singing about the glory of Modi. That was not just astonishing, it was unconscionable. Mont Pelerin founder Hayek wanted to oppose “state ascendancy and Marxist or Keynesian planning [that was] sweeping the globe”. He would have been horrified to have a person like Deepak Lal in his midst.

In 2012 I had made a list of the top 10 living economists. In 2014 I crossed out the names of these two supporters of murder and socialism.

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