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To SBP leaders: Let’s build energetic leaders and avoid debates that waste our time

I’ve been going around India discussing and explaining to our leaders, most of whom are from the middle class, to STRICTLY AVOID the middle class and to focus, instead on the following key segments:

  • Students (particularly economics, political science and law)
  • Daily wage labourers and street vendors/ marginal lower middle class young persons in the city
  • farmers
  • small and medium enterprises
  • a general communication of the message to the middle class in cities (mainly regarding municipalities)
  • direct work with voters in villages and slums

DO NOT to talk to the middle class individually. Yes, by all means shower them with general awareness through media interviews/ articles/ social media. But do not waste time on trying to persuade anyone who has a middle class job. He/ she is almost guaranteed to rebut you and challenge you with something really stupid and you will keep arguing till the cows come home but will never change the person’s mind.

I’ve summarised my thoughts in a short Whooshkaa podcast, recorded on my smartphone using Whatsapp. This is way easier than recording on Audacity on my computer with a headset. If the voice is clear enough I’ll use this option more frequently. I’ve got more to say on this topic, but will do so when I find time.

You can directly listen below:

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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