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All the socialist IITs of India together can’t build a SINGLE footpath or storm water drain

IITs have been a disaster for India. Funded by socialist Nehru, they created clerks for the West. Within the country these IITs have not demonstrated the slightest ability to do even simple engineering.

I won’t give examples of the thousands of examples of UTTER RUBBISH built by India’s engineers. Here’s just one: a combination stormwater drain (which stinks to hell) and a “footpath” on top of it.

Here’s the location – in the heart of IITian Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi:

Btw, the country is also managed by a lot of IITians who joined the IAS. All these IAS are also incapable of making a single footpath or stormwater drain.

Here’s how this particular “footpath” looks:

The footpath is around 2 feet higher than the road. You have to be very brave to try to get onto it, then getting down is a challenge. One mis-step and you’ll not just sprain your ankle, you’ll break your leg. And the stench from the stormwater drain is unbelievable. Clearly the “water” in the “drain” is not moving anywhere.

My tweet yesterday.

I’m going to send a tweet to all IITs on this issue if I find time. What a terrible shame – all these socialist IITs can’t build a simple footpath.


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