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Who’s who in Shetkari Sanghatna and Swatantra Bharat Paksha

Apart from sporadic meetings with Sharad Joshi and a few members of his team over the past 15 years, my interaction with them has been largely over email, phone and now, Whatsapp. I’m meeting a few of the current leaders of Shetkari Sanghatna and Swatantra Bharat Paksha, so I thought I’d research from the internet the names of the current leaders and their background so I get to know a bit about any of these who attend the Pune meeting.

More later. Would request those who know these and other leaders to provide me with publicly available links to their work + any other useful (non-personal) info that I can publish.

Shetkari Sanghatana (sometimes prefaced by “Baliraja”)

Anil Ghanwat: Current President of Shetkari Sanghatana





Gunvant Patil: former Shetkari Sanghtana President [Source]






Saroj Kashikar, leader of the Mahila Aghadi of Shetkari Sanghatana and President of Kisan Coordination Committee [Source]






Ravi Kashikar, President, Shetkari Sanghatana Trust [“Other than Kashikar, former MLA Vamanrao Chattrap, Govind Joshi, Sureshchandra Mhetre, Badrinath Deokar, Bhaskarbhau Borake, Ramchandra Bapu Patil and others are members of the trust” – Source]

Ajit Narde: An active Shetkari leader [source]





Dr Shyam Ashtekar, coordinator Shetkari Sanghatana – met him in 2014 over a few days.

Sureshchandra Mhatre: He works in the office of Shetkari Sanghatana and edits the organisation’s magazine Shetkari Sanghatan. Sharad Joshi gave him Rs.20 lakhs in his will [Source].

Govind Joshi:  Executive President, Selu, Parbhani and working president of Sharad Joshi Trust

Some others: here.

Swarna Bharat Party

Manvendra Kachole: National President, Swatantra Bharat Paksha. He contested Parbhani assembly seat in 2009. He is Director, Research at Mahatma Gandhi Mission in Aurangagad. He is a specialist in chemistry and teaches at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University in the Department of Biochemistry.






Dinesh Sharma: President, Swatantra Bharat Paksha Maharashtra






Adv. Wamanrao Chatap – met him in 2004 over a few days in Delhi along with Sharad Joshi as participants in an India Policy Institute workshop I had organised. He was then an MLA in Maharashtra Assembly.

Personal support/ daughters

Anant Deshpande: He shifted to Pune from Latur to support Joshi’s cause. “Deshpande was Joshi’s shadow. He would be there for the leader at any given time”. Sharad Joshi gave him Rs.20 lakhs in his will.[Source]





Darshani Bhat: She is Sharad Joshi’s adopted daughter [Source] She looked after Sharad Joshi for 15 years. “She was Joshi’s god daughter. She also contributed significantly to the farmers’ movement”.  Sharad Joshi gave her Rs.20 lakhs in his will. [Source]. I suspect I have seen her in the large event that was organised by Sharad Joshi in Delhi on 26 January 2004.

Shreya Shahane: Sharad Joshi’s two daughters are settled abroad [Source]. She appears to live in Ottawa, Canada [likely: this and this and thisthis?

Dr Gauri Joshi: Sharad Joshi’s daughter. [Source]  – settled in USA [Source]

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