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The Rakhigarhi DNA confirms that VEDAS ARE A FOREIGN RELIGION – just like Islam or Christianity

I know the final paper by Shinde et al will be published sometime this month but there are a few key issues to note here.

Vasant Shinde is the same person who released Sanjay Sonawani’s book on the origins of the Vedic religion.

However, it appears that Shinde is inclined to the view that Vedas originated in India. For instance he said to Economic Times in June 2018:

the DNA is clearly local,” Shinde told ET. He went on to add: “This indicates quite clearly, through archeological data, that the Vedic era that followed was a fully indigenous period with some external contact.”  According to Shinde’s findings, the manner of burial is quite similar to the early Vedic period, also known as the Rigvedic Era. The pottery, the brick type used for construction and the general ‘good health’ of the people ascertained through the skeletal remains in Rakhigarhi, he said, pointed to a well-developed knowledge system that evolved further into the Vedic era. The study has, in fact, noted that some burial rituals observed in the Rakhigarhi necropolis prevail even now in some community

This argument is, of course, absurd. The fact that there are common rituals with Hinduism is precisely what Sanjay Sonawani has been writing about. That’s the MAIN Hinduism. Shinde’s argument would imply that the IV civilisation was the cradle of the Vedas, which is absurd since the Vedic civilisation is pastoral while IV is URBAN.

Thereafter, there is OVERWHELMING evidence regarding the influx (small or moderate) of steppe peoples into India.

Sanjay Sonawani’s analysis confirms the Vedas originated in Southern Afghanistan and these people MIGRATED AS REFUGEES into India.

It appears that Shinde’s co-author Niraj Rai has a different – and correct – view. The India Today article of 31 August 2018 states:

[Rai] … was emphatic in acknowledging that while “a mass movement of Central Asians happened and significantly changed the South Asian genetic make-up“, the inhabitants of ancient Rakhigarhi “do not have any affinity with the Central Asians”. In other words, while the citizens of the Indus Valley Civilisation had none of this ancestry, you, dear average Indian reader, owe 17.5 per cent of your male lineage to people from the Steppe.

To me the matter is clear as day.

The Indus Valley Civilisation is the ORIGINAL HINDU civilisation. This is definitely thousands of years old.

However, after the IV civilisation, came the Vedic ideas. There was also a significant impact of these migrants on the general population of India, particularly the “upper castes”.

I’ve written a lot on this issue. My latest views on this topic are found in the following blog posts over the past year:

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The data are now overwhelming: There was no mingling of the indigenous Hindu populations with the Vedic people till AFTER the Indus Valley civilisation.

This clearly shows that the Vedic people came AFTER this date, and that’s also borne out by a whole host of other data.

VEDAS A FOREIGN RELIGION TO INDIA. Just like Islam or Christianity.  Sanjay Sonawani is 100 per cent right.

Anyway, let the scientists keep working and interrogating evidence.

My concern is that Sanjay’s book on caste – based on his extensive research – has not yet been widely appreciated by Indians.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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