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Not just “divided loyalties” – the Hindutva elements are involved in FULL BLOWN BETRAYAL OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY

Apparently RSS thinks it is OK to shout Bharat Mata ki Jai in USA but can Americans now start shouting their slogans in India?

What is clear is that a VERY SIGNIFICANT proportion of the audience comprises American citizens.

This is a direct betrayal of American sovereignty on American soil by these Indian origin citizens.

One can understand that such people might have divided loyalties, but this is FULL BLOWN INDIAN NATIONALISM – ON AMERICAN SOIL!

Imagine what would happen if Americans did this in India, or the British, or (Ram forbid) the Pakistanis!

The Hindutva maniacs argue about the “divided loyalty” of Muslims – but here is FULL BLOWN BETRAYAL OF THE USA.


Imagine what would happen if Americans did this in India, or the British, or (Ram forbid) the Pakistanis!

“you may take the Indian out of the India but you cannot take the India out of the Indian”.

Hahha haha. Absolutely right, you are. They will be fried and sold with pakodas, tyres will be burnt, the hall will be stoned and burnt too etc etc. We shall not tolerate all those phirangis coming on our soil and shouting slow-guns and taking away  our jobs.

So what if  PIO’s like Indira Nooyi, Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella (and all those in Silly-con valley)  etc. head some of the biggest American companies on earth. That is OK , it is Ok for Swadeshi to be exported to videsh . But if videshi wants to become into desi then they will have to walk over hot-coals for that. Rights based NGO’s and persons who are supported by funds from abroad are broadly branded AN’s and UN’s but it is OK for FDI to come into our desh and for political parties to be funded from a- broad.

Ask Sonia G she wore the saree and the maang mein sindhoor and tried her level best to become Mother India but she is still ITALIAN.

Tom Alter despite being born in India and with his impeccable Hindi -until his “the end” – had to answer questions about how he knows Hindi.

What about Shashi Tharoor ripping apart the British on British soil at Oxford and where not- with his clipped British accent. But he is still safe and sound and the Britons have not bajaoed his band. Such FOE would be unthinkable in our misplaced pride and pomposity – not just now , it’s been so for several years. Ban the Satanic Verses, ban  M F Hussain, ban The Last Temptation, ban India’s daughter and the list is endless. Some nutcase Bishop from my district took offence at some college kids displaying “The Last Supper” as a background to a play and the poor kids had to remove the image and publicly apologize. That’s what we are – we are “bandh – minded”!

And, waaht about the Africans living,working, studying in India who are branded “kaalia” and “drug peddlers” and what not.



Sanjeev Sabhlok

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