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Have finished initial work on book for children + training manual. Have put DOF on hold once again.

A couple of months ago I had set myself the goal to finish up a first draft of the book on economics for children and the SBP training manual. I also wanted to get on to a further revision of DOF since I’ve made extensive notes over the past few years which I’d like to include in that book.

I’ve finished the first drafts of the first two (here and here). Happy to receive comments on both. I’d like to acknowledge the excellent materials and additional questions from Joyson Fernandes for inclusion in the SBP training manual.

But it is now already September and I should now focus my spare time on writing for newspapers about SBP, instead of taking up the revision of DOF which I now believe I should resume after the 2019 parliamentary elections.

So DOF is on hold once again.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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