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Documents/ resources on Sharad Joshi, Shetkari Sanghatana and Swatantra Bharat Party

I’ll be meeting key leaders of Shetkari Sanghatana/ Sangathana in Pune in a couple of weeks. I have worked with Sharad Joshi and know about his political work. He has an extensive Wikipedia entry. There’s a vast amount of material on Sharad Joshi on the internet. And I had compiled some material on him last year here.

But for some reason there is no Wikipedia entry on Shetkari Sangathana – which was at one time the world’s largest farmers movement. It would be good if someone spared time to create a wikipedia entry. Anyway, I’ve started some research.

This is a placeholder for any info that I find.

Sharad Joshi

Wikipedia entry


Sharad Joshi’s writings and videos (Swatantra Bharat Paksha and farmers’ leader)

Sharad Joshi’s speech in Rajya Sabha (December 2005) against the word “socialism”

The report of the Sharad Joshi national taskforce on agriculture


Sharad Joshi twice rejected India’s civilian award: Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan

India wants Bharat (that eats its leftovers) to be sterilised (in which I agree with Sharad Joshi)

Freedoms for Farmers : Key to Revamping the Agro-Economy – The Bharat Utthan Program proposed by late Shri Sharad Joshi

This website (Angelfire) has many other useful links
  • ‘Bharat’ Speaks Out  – 1982, Build Documentation Centre, Bombay
  • Bharat Eye-view 1986, Shetkari Sanghatana Central Office, Ambethan
  • Answering Before God 1994, Project for Economic Education
  • The Women’s Question 1986, Shetkari Sanghatana Central Office, Ambethan
  • Organisation of Peasants – Thought and Practice and several other books in Marathi,
    translated into Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu;

Shetkari Sanghatna (sometimes prefaced by “Baliraja”)

All documentation at:

There are also 4 apps Shetakari Sanghatana, Yugatma Paik, baliraja& Shetakari.

शेतकरी संघटना : विचार आणि कार्यपद्धती – by शरद जोशी

Pendse, Aruna, Peasant movement in Maharashtra : a case-study of the Shetkari Sanghatana

Cornelia Lenneberg, “Sharad Joshi and the Farmers: The Middle Peasant Lives!”, Pacific Affairs, Fall 1988 – I’ve extracted some material and published here.  [Her Masters dissertation of 1987 was entitled: The Shetkari Sanghatana, 1979-1987 : a middle peasant movement in Maharashtra, India].

Dhanagare, D. N., Shetkari Sanghatana: the farmers’ movement in Maharashtra – background and ideology, Social Action (New Delhi) 1990 Vol.40 No.4 pp.347-369

Doshi, R. R. (1990), Ideology and Functioning of the Shetkari Sanghatana in Maharashtra – An Assessment, in Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 45, Number 3

M.V. Nadkarni, Farmer’s Movements in India, Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 1987.

Mahipal Singh and Ajay Sahni, “The Kisan Factor”, Surya India, September 1989.

Doshi, R. R., (1990), Ideology and Functioning of the Shetkari Sanghatana in Maharashtra – An AssessmentIndian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 45, issue Number 3, number 272430

Omvedt, Gail, Shetkari Sanghatana s New Direction, EPW 1991  [available on JSTOR]

G. O. “Farmers’ Movement: Fighting for Liberalisation.” Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 28, no. 50, 1993, pp. 2708–2710.

Dhanagare, D.N. , The class character and politics of the farmers’ movement in Maharastra during the 1980s

Shetkari Sanghatana: Contribution of Sharad Joshi to Indian agriculture

Swatantra Bharat Party/ Paksha

Swatantra Bharat Party manifestos – by Sharad Joshi

How the leftist Economic and Political Weekly viewed the formation of Sharad Joshi’s Swatantra Bharat Party

Podcast regarding SBP’s recent discussions with Shetkari Sangathana and Swatantra Bharat Paksha

Sound blog: My interaction with five Indian “liberal” parties and with Ramdev

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