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Amar Habib and Makarand Doijad’s battle against the draconian anti-farmer Article 31(b) of India’s socialist Constitution

I’m becoming more aware of the work of Kisan Putra which was started in 2016 by Amar Habib and Makarand Doijad.

Habib, who was a close associated of Sharad Joshi, is a great fan of the liberty of farmers, He “prioritized ‘liberty’ over ‘protection’ for farmers” [Source].

Kisan Putra held a “47-day long Bedi Todo (break the shackles) motorcycle rally in Maharashtra from August 15 to October 2 2016″ [India Today report]

In January 2018 they decided to lodge a petition with the Supreme Court to declare Article 31(b) unconstitutional. [Times of India].

In June 2018 they lodged a petition in the Supreme Court [see Times of India and First Post|  NDTV]. They also published a book, Anti Farmer Laws, in June 2018.

Mr Habib has recently been on a trip to Delhi to further pursue the PIL. He  met Ram Atri of Freedom Team of India. Ram has been trying to bring farmers together on a platform of liberty, as well.

A useful summary of Kisan Putra’s position was provided by Makarand Doijad and reported on this blog in June 2018.

I’ve spoken to Mr Habib and hope to meet him during my forthcoming visit to India.

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