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The shame of Australia: a 23 year old woman prevented from walking down a street because Muslims might get offended

Came across this:

The great shame of Australia!!

The Police actively THREATENING SOMEONE from walking down the Haldon street in Lekemba suburb in Sydney.


Wow, and I was under the impression I’m living in a free country with the rule of law.

Sad, as Trump would say.

No wonder with these wimp police, the anti-“mainstream” forces in the West are gaining huge momentum. Who can respect any police that is unable to protect the peace by punishing the violent, not those who walk peacefully down a street.

If this is what Islam does to the West, then clearly it is major force for evil and must be opposed.

But I don’t think the problem is with Islam. The problem is with the WIMPS who are managing the West and blocking free speech and basic freedom to walk a street. The West has collapsed. Now only the US remains.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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