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Islam MUST expunge the Jihadi passages from the Quran

My FB comment in relation to this news report regarding Melbourne.

A miserable situation where the West is being threatened from within. The economic cost being imposed on the West to protect citizens from Muslim extremists must not be forgotten.
And politicians who bring this issue to the table are shouted down. The the other day in Parliament, Australian pollies seemed to claim that Islam is a religion of peace.
What’s the solution? Moderate Muslims have had 30 years to reform Islam and expunge the passages in Quoran which promote violence. They have FAILED.
But the world can’t wait any longer. It is now up to others to demand that such passages be expunged.
Yes, doing so will provoke a hornet’s nest – but the hornets are now everywhere, anyway. How else can this problem be resolved?
The current “solution” is for Australian police to declare parts of Australia off-limits for non-Muslims
Attacking the liberty of the general people is not acceptable. The diseased ideas in Islam must be directly challenged. Muslims who live in Australia must discard these offensive jihadi passages which are inconsistent with the peaceful messages of Mohammed.
The problem is not going to go away. The West and the world has to demand that Islam reform – and RIGHT NOW.
Just like I’m asking the Hindu fanatics to reform their cow ideas, leaders needs to ask the Muslims to reform their jihadi ideas.
I’m reminded of the Reformation and the American Civil War. This is not going to be easy.
All depends on the price people are willing to pay for their life and liberty.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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