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Analysis of the arguments of those who want a ban on cow slaughter

Twitter is very hard to read. There is no obvious way to systematically read the comments.

I spent a few hours to somehow analyse some of the comments on my tweet, here.

I’ve come across all these themes earlier, but it is perhaps time to start structuring them systematically.

HERE IS MY ANALYSIS [Word document]

FAKE ARGUMENT: This is not about liberty but about cruelty

“What about if cows ask to human beings abt their Liberty of right to live..??? Pls ask ur mother Nd let us know ..”

My response:  I’d like to know what gives you the right to force cows to eat plastic and nails from dustbins?

“Human liberty ??? Thats Human Cruelty.. what gives us the right to slaughter animals?

My response:  Are you aware of how extremely humanly animals are treated in the West? And slaughtered extremely humanely, as well? Instead, you are directly torturing cows and forcing them to eat plastic and nails. That’s fake Hinduism.

“Attack on human liberty?? What about Animal cruilty”

My response:  What about you first explain to me why you torture cows by forcing them to eat plastic and nails?

“There are many more things which threatened financial viability of farmers let’s appeal for that. Liberty of people is least threatened by this article. Let’s solve all the major issues first than we can discuss that too.”

My response:  What makes you happy to attack the liberty of fellow Indians? And how are you able to sleep peacefully when because of your hatred for cows, thousands are in pain from eating plastic and metal from dustbins?

You know how much pollution caused by cow slaughtering. Visit youtube and see how they kill cows

My response: Temple Grandin methods are painless and humane. Try to research that. We need to humanely stun barren cows that people like you otherwise force to eat plastic and nails, so they can have a painless death. I care more for animal welfare than Hindu fanatics.

More similar bogus arguments which either talk about cow’s liberty or about majoritarian imposition:

What about liberty of cows?

Jehadi mindset ppl lyk u support cow slaughter & beef consumption. If majority of d ppl who follow sanatan dharma dnt support cow slaughter & their sentiments got hurt by that thing shud b banned.if ppl of any country start to do according to their choices their would b chaos

Another one! “Banning slavery was also an attack on liberty of slave owners and affected the livelihood of slave traders! Should we bring slavery back?”

You are attacking the liberty of lot of people who treat cow as sacred. This is the biggest fallacy of so called liberals like you and fools like sagarica who want to see the world with one prism

So next you will ask human liberty for killing other humans also.

FAKE ARGUMENT: PETA opposes cruelty hence

What about right of PETA to oppose cruelty to animals?

Further: It’s an act to stop animal cruelty. @peta

My response: PETA works in all countries of the world including beef eating countries. Try to research Temple Grandin methods. I fully support humane stunning of all animals that are used for food.

PETA is NOT against protein diet from animals, as that would fly in the face of all science.

FAKE ARGUMENT: Since USA doesn’t allow horse meat therefore

Is USA less libral than us No Dog or Horse meat allowed, all liberty is bound by decipline?

My response: Good point. USA has a weird history in a couple of things, e.g. prohibition that was finally repealed. The horse nonsense (only found in USA, not in Europe) is coming to an end due to the associated economic absurdity. Don’t go by bad examples.

FAKE ARGUMENT: Muslims do it!

Use same words with pork ( Beef). In arab countries then c the magic of islam

My response: Glad that you make clear that Hinduism is merely copying Islamic nonsense but in a different way. But sorry, I don’t take advice from religions. I despise ALL religions since they attack human liberty and are terribly stupid and ignorant, on top of that. Duds flock together.

FAKE ARGUMENT: Since barren cows must be slaughtered, we must also slaughter poor people

“By your logic Gareeb people not having means to eat properly must also do suside or claim death. Those who are struggling to live must die.”

“I don’t hate cows I just adore them. And if they are in pain from eating plastic and metal we can help them through another way. If sluater is the only way than some day you’ll say let’s eat all the poor man of this world coz they are in pain.”

My response: Show me why you force cows to eat plastic and nails. Gareebs don’t do that. They are simply humans who have been forced into poverty by socialists.

“Let us slaughter whatever we come across including humans that will directly improve the economy”

My response:  Well, your approach leads to two colossal harms: the torture of cows forced to eat plastic and cows that are slaughtered illegally and brutally – often in league with corrupt police. Ban on cow slaughter is an atrocity against cows.

Ban on cow slaughter is an atrocity against cows’ –  agree with the argument on the livelihood but this statement is like saying ( extreme analogy) let’s kill the poor to save them from misery .

My response:  Are you suggesting that without humane slaughter, cows would live forever? And are you paying for fodder for all of them? Obstinacy of fake Hindus like you is FORCING cows to eat plastic and nails. Your analogy doesn’t make sense. Try some other argument.

Some day u will ask if any person fooding choice to eat any human being…..should that be allowed in name of fooding preferences….how foolish u ppl..cow slaughter must be banned all over India

Someone else responded: “Human eating human ” wow what a shitty comparison, only cowdung filled brains could come out with such a statement. Hey dude our country is not the only place where people live on earth. If 99 % of countries can eat cow, whats special for india”

Other such nonsense: Lots of indian poor are dying due to starvation. If your logic of cows eating plastic applied then what is the harm in slaughtering starving people

FAKE ARGUMENT: A plastic ban will stop cows from eating plastic

“That’s why govt has stated to ban plastic in Maharastra if this follow over all India the problem will be solved”

My response: There is no plastic ban in the West and NOT A SINGLE COW IS FORCED TO EAT PLASTIC AND NAILS. All treated humanely. This is a not a “ban” issue. If Indian cows won’t be able to eat plastic, they’ll be forced to eat nails.

We don’t force our cattle to eat is the result of mindless following of West that has resulted in this plastic pollution…and who told you it is better to slaughter a being rather than correcting our wrong doings

My response:  No, no. There are MILLIONS of cows in the West and NOT ONE eats plastic. They are treated most wonderfully and humanely. Indian cows are being forced to eat plastic and nails since many Indians fail to realise the necessary consequence of their beliefs.

FAKE ARGUMENT: “No one force animals to eat plastics and nails”

My response: Actually YOU do force cows to eat plastic and nails -because you actively force farmers to hold on to barren old cows but don’t pay farmers to do so. They then drop off these cows at the local town dustbin. I am convinced cow “worshippers” are secretly cow haters.

FAKE ARGUMENT: Barren cows are commercially viable

Crow eyed economist talk about cow slaughter and viability of farmer.. a nonsense . save cow and use it with many other way of farming and gobar plant and fertilizer will help the farmer and will produce a organic food will yield more money

My response:  Please put your money where your mouth is. Please announce that you are taking over all street cows tomorrow and will feed them through the gobar they produce. Farmers CAN’T do it. But you SHOULD. Else accept that you are ACTIVELY torturing cows.

Other similar nonsense:

Well, farmers will use less of chemical fertilizers and more of natural manure. We didnt be the number 1 agriculturists using chemical fertilizers.did we ? We relived on Desi Cow dung & Desi Cow urine based manure that was prepared and applied to the soil

FAKE ARGUMENT: GOVERNMENT must look after these cows

The government has to be pushed for dry dairies so that cows have like a “retirement home”. If talking about lynching – that is to be condemned but what about cow smuggling – needs to be addressed too. There were 117 varieties of Indian cows which has been reduced to 22!

My response: So not content with violently attacking the liberty of your fellow humans who DON’T believe that cow is holy, you now want government to violently steal THEIR money to support YOUR holy cow!! You the cow worshipper must pay. No one else.

FAKE ARGUMENT: Farmers don’t sustain themselves only meat

हमे पता ना था, किसान फसल बेच कर नही बल्कि मृत मवेशी बेच कर जीवन निर्वाह करते हैं।

Sure! Tomorrow you will try to prove that farmers main source of income is beef! Ideots like u is the reason India suffers chaos and frictions!

My response: अब तो पता चल गया? जब गाय दूध देना बंद कर देती है तो किसान उसे खिला-पिला नहीं सकता. क्या आप देते हैं चारा गायों को? नहीं देते तो आप उसे कील और प्लास्टिक क्यों जबरदस्ती खिलते हैं?

FAKE ARGUMENT: Poverty of farmers is no justification to kill cows

If u r comparing with financial problem then crimanl of any crime will also justify their crime by saying that we r doing only for the bloody stomach. So dont give wrong argument. Y have no right to kill any body.

My response: You have no right to attack people’s freedoms and livelihood. Most importantly, you have no right to torture innocent animals and force them to eat plastic and nails. Are you going to pay for the upkeep of all the street cows of India? Announce that to the press today.

FAKE ARGUMENT: Beef is harmful for the environment

It’s harmful for the environment – why are people in the west turning vegan ?? India is the largest exporter of beef – you are speaking about human rights but failing to see the price one pays for it!!!

My response:  Meat may well be harmful to the environment. That’s a separate issue. What gives you the right to force cows to eat plastic and nails from dustbins?

Addendum: And, of course, here one is not talking about increasing cow production. One is talking about EXISTING cows that are being tortured by Hindus.

Banning cow slaughter under Article 48 is to be implemented in light of scientific evidence of it being destructive for the environment – it has been proven that livestock responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases, 1 kg of beef requires 15500 liters of water, impacts biodiversity

My response:  The environmental consequences are a second order issue. The main issue is the torture and inhumanity towards cows in India. And the attack on human liberty. And killings/ lynchings. And attack on farmers’ livelihood. Environmental issues can be regulated and managed.

LOL ! Seems you do not know that beef production is a major cause of global warming due to green house gases. Many of my scientist friends in West have given up beef eating.

My response:  People must be free to eat what they want. But you are not free to torture cows and force them to eat plastic and nails. That’s inhuman and anti-Hindu.

FAKE ARGUMENT: Others must care for the “sentiments” of cow worshippers

“In most of India Cow is Worship, Can we think only for economy, is their is no importance of sentiments”

My response: I don’t understand your sentiment to torture cows and force them to eat plastic and nails. This is surely not a praiseworthy sentiment?

Bogus argument: Why didn’t I raise this issue earlier?

Mr. Sanjeev I might as well just believe that the theory of repelling Article.48 could have also crossed your mind during the previous regime. Did it ? Or is it selective awakening ?

My response: I’m awake, my young man. Are you? Note that I’m not accountable for the corrupt regimes that have been elected in India since independence. I’m accountable only for our party, @SwarnaBharatIN. Are you able to show me the logical link between my statement and yours?

My response:  Modi has the power to repeal. Let him do so – else he will be remembered as a cow hater and cow torturer.

My response:  Are you saying Modi is not aware of how this Article ends up torturing cows? Does he not see millions of stray cows eating from dustbins on Indian streets? Plus I am a leader of India’s only liberal party, @SwarnaBharatIN . Repeal is part of our agenda.


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