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Who owns these primarily online news portals in India?

I’m trying to figure out who owns what – so I’m more aware of where I get any articles published in the future. Here’s an initial list:

SOCIALIST (“left liberal”) PORTALS  US-based digital publishing company Scroll Media Inc founded in 2012 by Samir Patil (CEO), an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. – details. Indian alexa rank 150 (Quartz India) Indian Alexa rank 800 – owned by Uzabase, a Japanese company based in New York a not for profit organisation  Indian alexa rank 1000. India Today group – Indian alexa rank 3000 Launched in August 2017, Printline Media Private Limited (Shekhar Gupta is editor) – details.  Indian alexa rank 3000

HINDUTVA PORTALS Indian alexa rank 5000 or so. Opindia is one of the many MOUTHPIECES OF BJP. “ became part of the Swarajya family, which owns and runs its flagship brand Swarajya magazine” – which says it all.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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