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What SBP needs at this stage – and urgently

I’m reverting back to SBP issues after a month’s break. Will continue to focus mainly on writing, but have shared a few thoughts with SBP leadership.

My suggestion has been that the four main leaders in urban areas work together to build a movement against the BJP government. It needs to have an economic focus - something that relates to the economic interests of the people.  It should include an associated set of issues such as youth unemployment. And a social message against the divisive forces of BJP and other parties. The party’s leaders also need to forthrightly criticize Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal.

Modi’s main vote gathering strategy was to represent the vikas vote. The Ram Mandir issue will fail him very badly. Not more than 15 per cent of the people are bothered about the Ram mandir. Most want vikas. SBP needs to occupy that space. The party has to to create a space for itself as the only alternative for India. The movement should be launched nationally at the same time in a well orchestrated  manner.

Once the movement starts in urban areas it can be supported in small towns and villages as appropriate.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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