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Why leaders matter MUCH MORE than culture or religion

My FB note:

There are books (e.g. by Robert Wilken) that claim that Christianity has something to do with liberty. That this claim is false is clearly seen when we examine the progress of the following countries over the past century.

Christianity did nothing to make these countries more free or to create a demand for liberalism.

Instead, Third World countries that successfully transformed their economy had GREAT LEADERS, who had imbibed the ideas of liberty on their own. It is not that hard to understand liberty and it is leaders that make all the difference.

The West owes its greater focus on liberty purely to great leaders. Where it had shabby leaders, including many US Presidents over the past century, or worse (e.g. Hitler), it created anti-liberty policies and even murdered vast numbers of innocents.

Everything in society ultimately boils down to its leaders.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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