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Want to see real India? Rabi Kant Bharti is showing us what it looks like

Many of us live in ivory towers, cocooned far from the lives of the ordinary Indian. Issues such as the superiority of one religion or other seem to take more of our attention than the reality of the lives of our fellowmen.

Rabi Kant Bharti is very kindly running a Youtube channel that shows us the India as it is, instead of the hype that we hear from our “leaders”.

Watch this one for two minutes, then watch his other videos.

We need people like Rabi to lead India, people who have understood what ails India (socialism), and who are committed to world-best policies.

What will it take for India to wake up? How long do we have to wait? How long do the poor of India have to wait?

People – if you don’t switch from socialist parties like BJP and Congress to Swarna Bharat Party, you are directly complicit in the crime against humanity that is socialism. Join SBP, donate, LEAD. Come forward to contest the 2019 elections and overthrow the corrupt and exploitative reign of the socialists. Modi wears suits worth Rs.10 lakhs. Does he EVER care for the poor? No!! The stupid ideas he has are mind-boggling. An utter idiot is ruling India – once again!

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Want to see real India? Rabi Kant Bharti is showing us what it looks like
  1. Raj

    Reminds me of the verse of the choir Chester of William Billings I once shared with ya:

    “Together plot Our Overthrow,

    In One Infern’l league Combin’d”

    Oh we shall fight, to the nook and crannyees of this giant nation, to the death, until Liberty and peace, dignity and justice under natural Law is here!!