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The Government’s prayer


I hereby reaffirm that:

I am the servant of the people who pay for my labour.

I commit to fulfilling my duties to the citizens which include the provision of security and justice.

I will not assault or murder any citizen in secret as part of an “encounter”.

I will not take money from Peter to pay Paul.

I will not prevent the people of my country from expressing their views or beliefs in any way so long as they do not physically harm anyone.

I will not limit the freedom of movement of any person except to prevent physical harm to others, or where any judicial decision requires such restriction.

I will not restrict people’s property rights except to ensure due compensation for any negative externality caused. I will not confiscate the property of any citizen except for any crucial government function and – that too – with prior agreement and due compensation that is justiciable in the court of law.

I am paid only if my country prospers, so I will not restrict the economic freedom of the people unless absolutely essential for the purposes of ensuring public order or preventing direct harm.

For instance, I will not restrict anyone’s freedom of occupation except where there extremely strong reasons require such a restriction. In any such case I will ensure that extreme care and diligence and align any intervention with the normal mechanisms of the market. I will also demonstrate in writing to the society that my intervention is justified through a publicly tested cost-benefit analysis.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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