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Planning an AMA on reddit r/india

Reddit is extremely confusing, but it is possible to understand it with some effort.


Properly done, the Reddit AMA (short for “Ask Me Anything”) can generate hundreds of thousands of impressions and drive fans into a frenzy. It can reinvigorate an established persona or hoist a completely obscure or unusual person into the Internet spotlight. [Source]


It is a thread of questions within Reddit, hosted by an interesting person who declares “I Am [Person X], Ask Me Anything.” The Reddit community responds with the type of honest, earnest and provoking questions that would rarely show up in your typical media interview. Anyone can participate, from the host to the casual Reddit user to the fans who simply upvote questions. [Source]


Technically, anyone can post — just start a thread on the forum and see if Redditors care to learn more. But the best way is to plan ahead and talk to the people in charge. [Source]

My test AMA

To test AMA, I created a simple text message yesterday. Basically it looked something like this (this is an attempt to replicate it)

Then there is a thing called “flair”. It is essential to give everything a “flair”. I didn’t have much choice there (there was nothing called “AMA” flair, so I gave it “AskIndia” flair. However, later on I notice that the moderators changed it to “unverified”.

Once I posted, I waited and soon there were questions.


  1. Read the wiki document from r/india on AMA and also read this PDF (on my server) rom r/india
  2. Write to the moderator expressing an interest in doing an AMA (there is a link on the wiki above, else write via email – see PDF above)
  3. Upon getting a response, finalise a time and date and let the moderator/s know. Provide them some proofs, e.g.
    1. Write the time and place on a paper and take a photo like this (or like the one in the PDF) and upload it on your website e.g. SBP website [this photo is called a “proof page”]; and
    2. Talk about it on appropriate twitter handles and provide these links to the moderators as well.
  4. This will ensure that the moderators are prepared + the AMA could get listed on Reddit’s “upcoming AMA” sidebar
  5. Create a detailed FAQ as a google doc. That way people can find most of their answers (e.g. draft docx FAQ for SBP for this AMA)
  6. Publicise the forthcoming AMA it over social media, etc.
  7. Around 15 minutes before the scheduled time, put out your post – to allow questions to build up. The post should “make it clear who you are and what you do or have done. It can be helpful to provide links to some of your past work.”At the time of the post, make sure that all proofs are provided so users don’t need to wait for you to add it.
  8. Immediately also let people know on Twitter and FB page the appropriate URL of the AMA.


How to create a wiki on reddit. Very simple.

You visit the page you’d like to make, e.g

and then reddit will offer to create it for you.

For styling, including flairs, see /r/csshelp and its wiki.



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