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My article in CNN News18 on Modi’s lateral entry program

CNN New18 requested my views on Modi’s lateral entry initiative.

I’ve explained how this initiative makes good sense only if Modi’s goal is to replace the entire IAS and tenured services with an accountable machine of governance.

The article:

For those interested in details, I’ve provided the transition steps in my book, Breaking Free of Nehru. I’ve also outlined these issues in my Times of India articles since 2007, in Smart Governance and in the Cabinet Secretariat newletter of the Government of India.

It is very unfortunate that India continues to suffer close to the world’s worst governance system (and all its necessary ill-consequences) when we could, with a bit of effort and thought, get ourselves the world’s best system. I have faith that my message will finally be heard and we will reform India’s governance during my lifetime.

I’ll be on India Reddit on 20 June at 4 pm IST answering any questions. Feel free to join me then. And if you’ve not yet joined SBP, do so:


To be Successful, Lateral Entry Must Lead to the Abolition of IAS

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