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Modi uses my copy of the Emergency newspaper cutting – pretty weird

Modi issued half page ads in newspapers yesterday. Prominently featured in the ad was the scanned copy of the front page of a newspaper of that day that I had kept with me at the end of Class X. I was in Hyderabad when the Emergency was declared. We moved to Jullundur just a few days later – from where I completed school in April 1976.

I’m referring to the copy of the front page of Indian Herald that I had kept with me:

I still have the original hardcopy in one of my old folders.

What is surprising is that this truly minor and non-descript newspaper – Indian Herald – was used by Modi in his ad. Someone clearly avoided work to find a more representative newspaper of that day, such as Times of India or other such major newspaper.

Or is my copy the only one left in the world today that reminds us of the declaration of the Emergency? – Then this piece of paper must be protected and enshrined in some national archive.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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