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Modi can’t change the BASIC STRUCTURE of the Constitution

Shashi Tharoor spoke in Lucknow today, pointing out that if Modi is not electorally blocked in 2019, he may well re-write the Constitution and convert India into a Hindu rashtra.

Has Shashi considered that Modi can’t change the BASIC STRUCTURE of the Constitution (Kesavananda Bharati case)? The only way Modi can create a Hindu Rashtra is by repealing the Constitution and taking on full dictatorial powers and dismissing the Supreme Court.

Well, this much I can assure Modi that if he ever does that then India will descend into a civil war the likes of which the world has never seen. India can become Hindu rashtra only over the dead body of millions. India is a much bigger concept than the Hindu religion.

Not only will Modi become a total outcaste across the entire world, India will split into smithereens and revert to 300 countries if the Ambedkar Constitution is destroyed.

In fact, Modi can’t even implement Article 48 of the Constitution the way he wants. The northeastern and southern parts of India will rebel and leave India.

India is not something that will change character just because a fanatic like Modi has come to the helm – temporarily.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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