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From economics to action – my 1999 draft paper – to be completed one day

While completing my doctoral studies I started writing this paper for potential publication in some academic journal. Due to extreme RSI the paper never got completed. Note that I not only had extreme RSI from around end-1998 due to intensive typing for India Policy Institute, but also had to complete my dissertation by April 1999 and defend and submit it for approval. I also was given the privilege of being the only student from my batch of PhD students to teach a formal intermediate economics course. And yes, at the same time, World Bank also gave me a consulting project for a study they were conducting. Despite the most amazing pain, I continued to bang on, on the computer.

I’m publishing the original 1999 version – which was a preliminary draft – here – unchanged.

But I’ve also taken this version into Onedrive here – where I’ll edit it over the coming months/ years in an attempt to finish it.

The paper underpins my belief that the findings of economics are effectively worthless unless it is used in daily life. In that sense it is just like science: it need to be APPLIED in our daily lives.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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