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Discovery of a brilliant liberal scientist of Indian origin – C.S. Prakash

Due to the accident of his commenting on my TOI agriculture article, I found time to study the work of CS Prakash, and I’m deeply impressed.

I wonder how I missed getting to know about him and his work till now. I suppose I’ve paid more attention to economists of Indian origin than to scientists – since from my experience most scientists are completely ignorant about basic economics. But here’s a biologist who – unlike MS Swaminathan – is really good in economics. I presume that’s why Liberty Institute invited him to deliver the 2003 Julian Simon lecture (I’ve requested a copy of the lecture from him and will post it on my blog etc. if I can get hold of it).

As expected, he is also a strong votary of GMO and recently retweeted this.

I’m delighted to discover CS Prakash and look forward to finding out more about his views. If only we had scientists like him in India.

At the minimum one must thank Thomas Jefferson and colleagues who helped create a free nation to which people like CS Prakash could go to, even when they were oppressed within their own nation.

As Prakash has noted about India in a tweet: “800 years of outsiders-ruling have conditioned us many Indians to be slavish to the statist state & made us look up to the government for everything allowing politicians & bureaucrats to be paternalistic. I grew up in the 60s where we were taught ‘Government is God’ in schools!”

Strongly encourage all SBP members to follow Prakash’s work. We would like to involve him in SBP’s agricultural policy development in the coming years.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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