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Why Indians will continue to suffer acutely: the total confusion in their minds

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Dath Rebasish Literally what communism/socialism leads in the end.

Sagar Aggarwal Dude, its corruption that leads in the end. Read the whole article

Dath Rebasish Sagar Aggarwal which are an inevitable consequence of giving the government excessive power instead of people themselves. Honest wealth creators are destroyed while the government sleeps with evil people

Sagar Aggarwal Dath Rebasish do you think right wing govt is honest. If you think so enjoy day dreaming

Dath Rebasish Sagar Aggarwal India doesn’t have an economically right wing government…
Everyone has to sign up as a socialist party because it says so in the constitution. There’s one party Swarna Bharat Party.. But sadly Indians in general won’t stop worshiping and begging from the government.

Aswash Jyoti Baruah Karl Marx is the root of all evil.

Dath Rebasish Aswash Jyoti Baruah and sadly people worship him like anything.. ☹️

Dath Rebasish Sagar Aggarwal No it’s ego, which leads to jealousy. Greed with the restrictions of not directly harming others is beneficial for human kind

Bikram Bhattacharya Hahaha really? Bengal was doing good enough back in the days of cpm. Now mamata’s tmc and illegal Bangladeshis in the state are coming up with all kinds of unethical businesses like this one.

Dath Rebasish Rajendra Randhir chinese economy is more capitalistic than 90% western countries.
The labor laws are unregulated. Patent does not matter. It’s only politically communist.. The business owners especially the government ones are earning exorbitantly high salaries than the workers

Bikram Bhattacharya India’s solution to everything-
Either blame the left wing or blame BJP.
That’s all people do and are capable of doing with smartphones in their hands.

Rajendra Randhir Bikram Bhattacharya spot on.

Dath Rebasish Bikram Bhattacharya what to do? Instead of reducing government they’re exponentially increasing their power

Himal Chakraborty Literally what smart phone and jio sim lead us …. Baseless comments from brainless people.

Dath Rebasish The ideas are unconventional but those are the facts.

Bikram Bhattacharya There’s a lot people can do for betterment. Look how South korea, Thailand, Indonesia dealt with corruption and bureaucracy. Apart from mass protest, people can file PIL in Supreme Court and petitions in HC and what not. People have so much power to make the govt come under their boots. But, nobody actually will come out of their comfort zone.

Dath Rebasish Let the government stay out of our lives and only focus on military, police and judiciary… People will be forced to come out of their comfort zones. But this cycle of giving them power then dealing with corruption then snatching power temporarily then again giving more power has to stop

Bikram Bhattacharya Military is a welfare Organization and Judiciary is independent. If government controlled them then it would’ve been apocalyptic.
Please do try to know about our Republic’s structure before you hold an opinion.

Abir Chatterjee Shreyan Saha Bourgeois. Bourgeois everywhere

Abir Chatterjee Its a wonder to see ppl actually questioning Karl Marx

Arpit Bhattacharya Bikram Bhattacharya This business started 10yrs back when TMC was not in power, only thing is that we got to know about this ‘business’ recently.

Bikram Bhattacharya Arpit Bhattacharya So you were the main analyst back then? How come you’re drawing a conclusion over a hypothetical and baseless argument of yours?

Jessica Shah Sagar Aggarwal Does WB have right wing or communist government? I believe the answer is the latter, then why are you talking

about right wing

Arpit Bhattacharya Bikram Bhattacharya Just because you don’t accept something, it becomes baseless? Wow.

Bikram Bhattacharya Arpit Bhattacharya Now if I believe I’m son of god that doesn’t make it a fact.

Arpit Bhattacharya So what ‘facts’ do you have to prove that this business was run by TMC/Illegal Bangladeshi’s? Evidence says something different, main mastermind was a CPM memeber who was thrown out of the party back in 2010.

Rajdeep Khasnobis Lack of vigilence by the food safety department runs under the roof the government is the main cause for this issue. Mr. Arpit…the alleged mastermind that has been arrested is not a CPIM party member. And one thing this issue clearly lets us a cause to point out fingers towards the present TMC goverment as without the local political leaders this kind of business could not be possible to carry on.

Rajat Shubhro Mukherjee Jessica Shah UP has had the same problem, Orissa has, every other state has where costs are kept low in this way… I know of restaurants in Lucknow that served pork in the name of chicken. In UP milk was being adulterated… So how is this a communism socialism problem? Socialists democratic countries in Europe are the cleanest in the world, so how is this a socialism problem???

Again, do you know what socialism is? It is a political economic model, how is it responsible for anything wrong at the administrative level? There should be a semblance of logic in things you claim and write, isn’t it? Give ridiculous a realistic image, this is surreal…


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One thought on “Why Indians will continue to suffer acutely: the total confusion in their minds
  1. Raj

    Well, we have *one* in there not wanting/celebrating/requesting slavery of the government and fellow others. I’m sad, but extremely satisfied all at once.

    Mamata Ma hand-in-glove with the more violent bosses of the local and infiltrant Muslims, and when it suits even the Hindoos, is killing off democracy in the State.

    I’m profoundly saddened by its condition. But the Rule of Law very really is a need by an alternate force in the state.

    Few may even put it this way: WB is 1/3rd Muslim now, well to be halfway in 3 decades, though being Muslim is in NO way a guarantee of violence/tyranny. The way things stand in the current trend — I may just massive see economic/safety-seeking refugee outflow in 20 years.


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