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Liberalism is the ONLY revolutionary ideology. All others are reactionary.

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We have been fooled by the socialists who have claimed to occupy the “revolutionary” territory. They were reactionaries who wanted access to state power and control over the people in a different form. There is nothing to distinguish feudalism from socialism/fascism in all its forms.

Liberalism is the truly revolutionary ideology since it liberates the human being. Liberalism treats everyone as sovereign individuals in their own right.

The liberal revolution is ongoing – like the long and steady takeover of science and tossing aside of all religion. It will take a thousand years for the idea of liberty to overthrow all forms of human oppression. It involves an incessant educational and political process. Like water that wears away stone.

We need to chip away at the collectivists each day. Each small attack on them ultimately adds up.

Liberty is a very advanced construct. Most people are stuck in some form of collectivism. Ultimately, one person at a time, we will succeed in liberating man from his animal tribal past. He will finally become man, rising from his animal nature to self-realisation.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Liberalism is the ONLY revolutionary ideology. All others are reactionary.
  1. Raj

    I will be proceeding to contact Members of Parliament I believe could be great for this party. Jay Panda may be the first. We shall see if they take interest and would want to join in. Good day!

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No, Raj. No existing parliamentarian is suitable for SBP. They are moral pygmies apart from being ideologically confused. Leave them alone. They have nothing of value to offer India.


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