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I’ve now set up a small home studio for video recording

It’s been my goal for many years to be able to record high quality videos at home.

I had bought a Sony camcorder DCR-HC96E sometime in the early 2000s with 3MB resolution. After FTI was formed, I used it on 24 December 2008 to create two short videos (I had to do that since at that stage Youtube did not permit videos longer than 10 minutes). I recorded these in my backyard. But I found that disturbance of sound and, of course, the video resolution was quite poor.

In September 2014 I took the Sony handycam indoors to avoid sound disturbance and tried recording something. Since lighting was a major problem, I went near a window in the bathroom from which sunlight was streaming in. But that meant that only one side of my face lit up.

Now, I also had no idea of video editing, so I was forced to press the button and get in front of the camera.  A couple of years later I tried recording on my smartphone but the sound quality + picture quality was unsatisfactory.

It was only in June 2017 when Asif Iqbal brought a DSLR from India to Interlaken in Switzerland to record some interviews with me that I realised that I needed to upgrade to a DSLR with an external mike. But DSLRs also have some limitations – they record only for 10 minutes at a time, and have no auto-focus.

Anyway, I bought the cheapest DSLR with external mike (Nikon d3300) from India in June 2017 along with a lapel mike that had a longe cable. Unfortunately, this long cable didn’t help – the sound got delayed – and so after more research I’ve finally purchased a cheap external directional mike and some internal lighting and created a small (but very low cost) “home studio”.

The studio finally got operational today morning. Here is my first video.


I was requested for detailed specs of my “studio”. These are:

a) Camera: Nikon d3300

b) External mikePromate Pro Desktop Condenser Mic w/built-in Vol Control, Adj Tripod, 3.5mm AUX for $36 AUD

c) Lighting  Yescom 2x Photography Soft Box Softbox Light Stand Kit Continuous Lighting Studio Bulbs for $66.

I already had a tripod.

Video editing software: Shotcut. This is free.

To set up this “studio” I have put a chair next to a wall, with the directional mike on a raised table in front of me. It is that simple.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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