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You, the People of India are the suckers: The case of Babulal Agarwal, IAS 1988 batch

In the early 1990s, I was Inquiry Officer for one of the most corrupt officers of Assam. Later I became State Inquiry Officer for the Government of Assam, a post usually held by an officer in the rank of Additional Chief Secretary. During these roles, I got to understand the MASSIVE protections available to IAS and IPS officers under the law, and realised how HOPELESS the Indian system is, with ZERO prospect of accountability.

Someone on Reddit pointed me to the case of Babulal Agarwal. I decided to spend a few minutes to find out more. This is the case of an allegedly (I say that since I’m merely reporting what the news media are saying) MEGA-CORRUPT IAS officer who has managed to get away with it for over 10 years. NOTHING can touch him.

He also runs a website:

2008 – IT department identifies him as a crook but he keeps getting promoted

Income tax department raided Babulal Agarwal house after his son’s name surfaced in an insurance scam. [Source]

2009 – His name figures prominently in a major scam but he keeps getting promoted

The IAS officer’s name prominently figured in a multi-crore health scam in 2009 when he served as Chhattisgarh health secretary. [Source]

2010 – Raided by Vigilance department, suspended and reinstated
Babulal Agarwal was raided by the vigilance department, suspended then reinstated. [Source]

February 2010: IT department conducts major raid. He is suspended

See this news report:

A week after the income tax officials searched his premises, the Chhattisgarh government on Wednesday ordered the suspension of 1998 batch IAS officer and state Agriculture Secretary Babulal Agrawal. I-T raids have revealed that Chhattisgarh’s Agriculture Secretary Babulal Agrawal could well be worth a staggering 500 crore rupees.

2010: Again reinstated by the State government after a few weeks

See this news report:

The Income Tax department in its 5,000-page report submitted to the Chhattisgarh government, has listed details of how Agrawal created an empire of Rs 253 crore. Late, the state government suspended him from the post but reinstated him after a few weeks.

February 2017: Arrested by CBI, he tried to bribe CBI itself

It is alleged that Agrawal, an IAS officer of 1988 batch, wanted to “settle” CBI probes against him which were registered in 2010 when he was the Health Secretary in the state government. [Source]

in February this year, CBI had arrested Babulal Agrawal for allegedly trying to buy favours in cases against him probed by the agency. [Source]

April 2017: His property attached by Enforcement Directorate


May 2017: Babulal gets out of jail

See this.

August 2017: He is compulsorily retired by the Government of India 

Two senior Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers of Chhattisgarh cadre have been given premature retirement—a week after state’s two IPS officers were shown the door for their poor performance and other complaints. The two officers are: Principal secretary B L Agrawal, who was under suspension ever since his arrest by the CBI few months ago in connection with an alleged bribery case [Source]

April 2018: He has managed to get the order for his retirement stayed by a court

See this news report.

His motto is simple: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

You, the People of India, are the suckers.

You have the choice to change this. Or continue to be made fools. Sign this.

Join SBP and start fighting for change.



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