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Swatantra Bharat Party manifestos – by Sharad Joshi

Sharad Joshi was a great Indian liberal. He drafted an excellent manifesto for Swatantra Bharat Party.

Unfortunately, his manifestos are not readily available on the internet, so I’m publishing the copies I have, here:

The 1999 manifesto of Swatantra Bharat Party

I have the 2004 manifesto as a hardcopy in my files (can scan it later when I find time)

The 2014 draft manifesto of Swatantra Bharat Party

I am trying to dig up old emails (a mailing list) and may find another one or two versions. But in the meanwhile, this should do.

Anil Ghanwat has sent me an updated 2014 manifesto – that’s valid as at 2018. Download here.



Anil Ghanwat has sent me the SBP constitution (PDFWord),



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