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My comment on the newly formed Bahujan Azad Party

I sent a message to these people on their FB page but no response.

My Quora comment:

Sadly, and as usual, it appears that just going to IIT doesn’t make anyone even remotely competent in economics.

And without understanding economics, one can’t understand why even after 70 years, India remains a basket case, with extreme corruption among its politicians and government employees, and lack of opportunity for all – particularly for the oppressed.

No doubt, these IITians think that doing more of the same will somehow yield dividends.

Unfortunately, India’s governance system and policies are entirely wrong. Wrong in every way. These policies are guaranteed to make the country fail in everything. Its Colonial governance system is guaranteed to be corrupt.

I have explained at length in Breaking Free of Nehru

Arvind Kejriwal was an arrogant fool who has no capacity to read and understand economics. His being from IIT did not prevent him from undertaking the most incompetent set of policies as CM.

I suspect the same fate will accompany these people.

Unless they start understanding incentives, they can’t understand anything about society.

Of course, we have a party that does understand incentives, but it seems that Indians are swayed by ignorant fools more than by a world-best manifesto ( One can only try to show the path.


The tragedy of the Third World continues because of the miseducation of its “educated” classes.
We see that in India with so-called “educated” Indians coming up every few years to form new “good” parties. All of them socialist and totally confused. All guaranteed to fail.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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