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Henry Ford’s hatred of the Jews STRONGLY influenced Hitler

Anti-Semitism is not something that the Nazis started. They merely added it to their stupid mix of ideas about nationalism, socialism and race (the Aryan nonsense) to create the highly inflammable nonsense called “Nazi socialism”.

Anti-Semitism has a very long history that goes back 2000 years, and one of the most virulent haters of Jews was Martin Luther. The fact that Hitler was SO RAPIDLY able to raise resources for his party was because he tapped into this world-wide CHRISTIAN HATRED of Jews. Hitler would have failed miserably had he only focused on his Aryan nonsense. He tapped the mine of Anti-Semitism to really grow as a major political force.

Some people keep arguing that Hitler was not Christian. That’s pure nonsense, as I’ve shown repeatedly on this blog. These people argue (as all “religious” people argue that Hitler was not a “true” Christian – but who knows who is a “true” Christian? When Martin Luther, the founder of a major branch of Christianity hated the Jews so bitterly he wanted their synagogues to be burnt to the ground, when the Catholic Pope was a GREAT supporter of Hitler, then who are we to say that Hitler was not a “true” Christian.

But I had not come across the role of Henry Ford in this ugly business till recently.

Turns out Henry Ford was a major hater of Jews and wrote an anti-Jew book of which millions of copies were circulated across the world.

Hitler acknowledged Ford in Mein Kampf and Baldur von Schirach testifi ed in court in Nuremberg that “the decisive anti-Semitic book” he had read was Ford’s International Jew. [Source RETHINKING THE FORD-NAZI CONNECTION, Stefan Link]

Here are two quick pieces worth noting:

Ford’s Anti-Semitism [PBS]

Ford’s book, The International Jew


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