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First report from Swarna Bharat Party’s first major public meeting

An email I sent out to around 7000 people a moment ago (amended slightly to minimise typos):
Dear all

Thanks to Whatsapp, I’m able to share some photos (see below my signature) from SBP’s excellent public meeting that started from 11 am today in Gyanpur. It was attended by over 500 persons (that’s what the anti-democratic Police allowed – we had wanted and planned for at least 1000 but were restricted by the Police).

The speeches were the first time a full-fledged detailed outline of the liberal agenda was provided to the people of India.

Key speakers included:
– Mahesh Maurya, SBP district head for Bhadohi,
– Anil Sharma, key founder and senior leader of SBP
– Kamal Sharma, senior leader of SBP
– Asif Iqbal, SBP’s Karnataka state coordinator and President of Indian Economic Trade Organization – a senior business leader of India
– Rabi Kant Bharti, SBP’s Bhadohi candidate for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

I don’t have any more detailed information (e.g. regarding the response from the people) but my sense is that the message of liberty and good governance that SBP brings to India is priceless and incomparable. It is certain to attract all those who listen to it.

I hope that the few hundred people who attended this event from across Bhadohi district will spread the message to others and that we will hold many more such meetings in the coming months, in preparation for the Lok Sabha elections.

Let’s all try to win as many seats for SBP in the Lok Sabha, for only then can real transformation begin. Please contribute with all your might – everything including your time and money is needed to liberate India from the corrupt socialists.


Note: A lot of photos have been posted on SBP’s Bhadohi page:

A few posts on SBP’s main page provide highlights:

Rabi Kant Bharti (above)

Anil Sharma (above)

Asif Iqbal (above)

Kamal Sharma (above)

Mahesh Maurya (above)

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “First report from Swarna Bharat Party’s first major public meeting

    Kindly change the name of the party as “Free Democrats”,just like the German Party by this name. Kindly adopt the monthly magazine “Freedom…..”started by Mr.M.R.Masani ,as the official magazine of the party. Kindly appoint District level Organisers for the party and form the party in all the Districts.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The party is not bound by any outsider’s ideas. If you wish to influence the party, you will need to join it and participate in team processes. And no, name change is totally and comprehensively ruled out.

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