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Open invitation to global experts on India – to join me in a personally guided tour of REAL India

I often see some self-congratulatory messages posted by world-famous economists about the great pace of development across the world and how things are all rosy and hunky dory.

I disagree.

I don’t dispute the facts they are citing. I dispute the idea that this is in any way enough. I dispute their knowledge of India, and their understanding of the forces at work that are eating up the vitals of a billion people.

In my view, for instance, there should have been no difference in per capita incomes between Japan and India by today, 70 years after independence. And Indians should have outperformed Japanese on most things, HAD THEY NOT FOLLOWED SOCIALISM.

I have decided to personally conduct a 10-day tour of India with a small group of world-renowned experts who think they know something about India. I can take up to 20 people along with me for 10 days. Costs will be based on actuals – after you arrive in Delhi airport. I don’t intend to make any profit.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open your eyes.

The dates of the tour are not yet finalised, and will be determined based on the level of interest and my availability (I’m mostly available in the second half of 2018).

If you are interested, write to me at I will get in touch with you further about potential dates/ costs.

The tour will take you to interior India and show you the reality of a billion people.

If you don’t know who I am, or what value I bring to the table, start by googling me, but most importantly, read the following:

And my book, Breaking Free of Nehru. If time permits, also scan through my manuscript, The Discovery of Freedom.

And do read the manifesto of Swarna Bharat Party, that I’ve drafted/ compiled.

Btw, there are many realistic depictions of India on youtube. This one is an example.


The tour will include not just a detailed discussion of the various observations, but a detailed analysis of incentives at work that are leading to the observation. It will include asking randomly selected people questions and eliciting the actual status of governance and the economy.

At the end of the tour, participants will get a far deeper understanding of India’s reality than they can possibly obtain even by living in India for the whole of their life.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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