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Next week is the biggest week for Swarna Bharat Party since its inception

I sent out the following as an email a moment ago. Sharing on my blog:


India’s political liberal journey has begun, with some serious work now happening on the ground.

A quick reminder about SBP’s history and where we stand today:

– party created (one would say, by accident) in June 2013

– registered with Election Commission in June 2014

– July 2014: decided to stop any discussing with other groups and to go it alone

– established basic internal systems (IT and accounts) and launched on 26 January 2016 – and the world’s best party manifesto released

– June 2017: The only political party from India apart from BJP and Congress invited to attend the Horasis business leaders conference

– Oct.-Nov.2017: announced four candidates for 2019 Lok Sabha elections

– significant grassroots campaign launched in Bhadohi from early 2018 including many rallies across the constituency + some work begun in Malkajiri and a little bit in Pune; a students wing created.

– April 2017-Feb 2018: four centrepiece articles on SBP’s ideology and policies published in Times of India in less than a year. This ensures that everyone in India now knows that India has a liberal party.

– All major Hindi newspapers of UP cover SBP’s Bhadohi rallies (including photos)

– a total of over Rs.6.5 lakhs raised to date (with Rs.1.5 lakhs still available to spend) + much more spent by key supporters on building the party’s IT systems (pro bono, mostly) + promoting the party on the ground and on social media

And now, just over two years from our actual launch, the biggest week for the party since its inception: We are expecting to hold our largest single gathering of people at the grassroots: at least 500, on 3 April in Gyanpur (some estimates go up to 5000, but I’m conservative and would be happy if even 500 attend).

Thereafter, on 5 and 6 April we are expecting around 20 young persons to assemble at Allahabad to offer themselves for leadership roles in the party. I would be delighted if we find even 2-3 high quality leaders from this workshop, which is more in the nature of an “interview” and we’ll use all techniques of leadership selection (including group activities) to shortlist high quality leaders.

But most importantly, the work we have been doing has attracted Shetkari Sangathana – the largest farmers organisation of India. Its leaders are attending the Allahabad workshop from Maharashtra – to discuss the possibility of working together with SBP in some way. If Shetkari Sangathana finds SBP suitable, Indian political liberalism could achieve a quantum jump in its leadership and members at the grassroots. (I had a long and extended personal association with Sharad Joshi, the founder of Shetkari Sangathana who passed away a little over two years ago).

Btw, I have been able to upload 3-4 videos of Rabi Kant Bharti (the party’s Bhadohi candidate and UP State Leader) recently on the party’s youtube channel. These are excellent. Do watch:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed funds to the party so far or supported it in some form or shape. I invite everyone to chip in. We will need lakhs of rupees in the coming year if we are to be competitive in a few parliamentary seatsYou can directly donate at:

And please join the party at:

I am on the phone on a daily basis with people from all over India. Please write to me if you wish to discuss anything. There is simply nothing better that’s happened to India since independence – than the establishment of Swarna Bharat Party. It is time to get involved so we can, together, totally transform India.



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