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Why the elites of India hate the idea of replacing socialism with capitalism

This SBP FB post today makes it all abundantly clear:

The wealthy and the elites of India support socialism because it generates extreme poverty and thereby gives them access to cheap labour which they hire for their personal use, in the form of personal servants, drivers, maids, gardeners, chowkidars.

SBP does not expect most such people to support the overthrow of socialism which will make every poor man richer and achieve middle class prosperity. These elites of India do not like the idea of cleaning their own toilets.

Join us to bring unprecedented prosperity to the poor of India, long crushed under socialism.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Why the elites of India hate the idea of replacing socialism with capitalism
  1. Dr. Pawan Kumar Aryan

    The capitalist economies failed to address the Horizontal Multi-tear educational system for: Super-rich, Rich, Middle Class and Normal Class

    Almost similar is the fate of health-care, hence free-bees, like Obama care etc.

    Sports excellence is also associated with the Rich universities, the middle class are again lagging.

    Is middle class a vibrant ingredient of the capitalism or just a safety-valve to keep status quo going?


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